AW900F Featured in Rural Electric Magazine

The AvaLAN AW900F Industrial Wireless Ethernet radio with the latest FHSS (frequency-hopping spread spectrum) is featured on page 56 of the May issues of Rural Electric Magazine.

What does CEO Matt Nelson have to say about Gogo In-flight internet issuing fake Google certifications

Google Chrome security engineer Adrienne Porter Felt was on an flight where she was using Gogo’s in-flight Internet — and discovered that Gogo was issuing fake Google certificates. Check out what CEO Matt Nelson has to say about Gogo In-flight internet issuing fake Google certifications here.


Tips to Secure Wi-Fi Networks

With so many issues arising over wireless surveillance cameras and unauthorized access of security networks, the editors of reached out to AvaLAN CEO Matt Nelson, and asked for his comments.

Whether you use Wi-Fi Network from your house or from the office, it is essential to secure the network connection. In recent times, wireless network connections have become accessible, affordable and easy to use. This has led to an increase in the number of wireless users as well as augmented the security concern too. The security problems with the wireless networking are serious and thus it is important to protect the network connections seamlessly against any likely threats

Check out Matt’s list of tips here. 

Spotlite Radio Interview with AvaLAN CEO Matt Nelson

Marcus Edwards from Spotlite Radio interviews AvaLAN CEO, Matt Nelson, to get some insight into industrial wireless and what AvaLAN Wireless is all about. Check out the interview here and Matt’s segment is from 87:40 to 95:03.

Cellular Challenges for Remote Industrial Devices

Cellular Challenges for Remote Industrial Devices
a White Paper by
Michael Derby, Chief Technology Officer

AvaLAN Wireless Systems, Inc. Connection of industrial network devices with a cellular modem can be challenging. In most cases, industrial network devices are operating backwards from how typical consumers utilize an Internet connection over a cellular modem. Consumers typically get data from the Internet while industrial devices typically are a source of information to users that have knowledge of the internet address of the device.

cellular fips140 diagram


Outdoor Industrial Wireless Access

Outdoor Industrial Wireless Access

How to extend your internet connection over 4 miles

By Matt Nelson, CEO of AvaLAN Wireless

The Central Ferry facility is a 24 hectare (100 acre) irrigated farm, shop, greenhouse, and other buildings located on the Snake River about 96 kilometers (60 miles) southwest of Pullman.  The farm operations supervisor, Kurt Tetrick with the United States Department of Agriculture, came to AvaLAN with a problem that needed a cost effective and reliable solution.  He needed to extend an internet connection from their grain storage and distribution center four miles away to their irrigation farm.  The connection needed to go across a river and over a hill.  Kurt came to AvaLAN Wireless after searching on the internet looking for long range Ethernet.  AvaLAN has been providing robust and reliable industrial wireless connections for a number of industry applications since 2004.  Working with Pioneer Telephone Company, a local internet service provider, Kurt had a DSL network drop put in at the gain facility. The Pioneer Telephone Company proudly provides local service to LaCrosse, Endicott, Hay, Hooper, Central Ferry, Dusty, Winona, Riparia and other surrounding areas.

AvaLAN AW900xTR Industrial Wireless Ethernet Video

AW900xTR Industrial Wireless Ethernet

Digital Signage Expo 2010

2010 Digital Signage Expo Conference Interview with Matt Nelson, CEO of AvaLAN Wireless

Smart Grids Moving to IP

Learn about Smart Grid Technologies

IBM: The Internet of Things

AvaLAN is a leading supplier of industrial wireless technology for the internet of things.