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AvaLAN Wireless is an industry-leading developer and manufacturer of long range industrial wireless radios and cryptographic technology. AvaLAN's products are designed to enable affordable and secure wireless connection in perimeter or remote locations.


2.4 GHz

Want the flexibility of an outdoor wireless connection, but without the limited scope that WiFi offers? AvaLAN Wireless provides 2.4 GHz transmitter antennas that help you create an outdoor wireless Ethernet bridge that has a greater range than WiFi.

2.4 GHz is the band that is most globally accepted unlicensed part of the RF spectrum. With 29 non-overlapping channels, our 2.4 GHz transmitters can penetrate interference or avoid it. With our 2.4 GHz equipment, you get an outdoor wireless Ethernet bridge with five times the range of WiFi — even through walls and interference. And with a browser interface, our 2.4 GHz transmitter systems offer a fast and intuitive setup and easy user programming.

AvaLAN wireless transmitter antennas can be used as part of a robust wireless Ethernet system that can connect a variety of devices, including digital signage, industrial control devices, point-of-sale devices, VoIP phones, IP access control readers, remote printers and more.

To learn further details about our 2.4 GHz wireless transmitter antennas and how they can help you, call AvaLAN Wireless today!

4.9 GHz

4.9 GHz is the portion of the RF spectrum that the FCC licenses to municipalities for public safety applications. As such, 4.9 GHz wireless radios and antennas need to cover a lot of ground — which is why AvaLAN’s 4.9 GHz radios have a line-of-sight point-to-point range of up to 30 miles and a 5-mile range with HTA/HTS point-to-multipoint configuration.

Our 4.9 GHz radios and antennas cover an impressive amount of ground with reliable service, and the 4.9 GHz band is also known for its low background noise. Since this equipment is also fully optimized for video surveillance and public safety applications, is housed in weatherproof casings, and is capable of a high data transfer rate, it’s ideal for a variety of uses.

The AvaLAN 4.9GHz Ethernet radio is fully optimized for video surveillance applications, while the AW49200 model can also be configured to operate in unlicensed 5GHz bands if necessary. Call AvaLAN today to learn more about our 4.9 GHz antennas and radios and how they can be incorporated into your public safety applications.

Click here for Public Safety 4 9Ghz Resources

5.8 GHz

Because a recent rule change by the FCC opened up the use of highly powered transmitters at 5.15-5.25 GHz in addition to the 5.725-5.850 GHz range, there are now twice as many channels available in the 5.8 GHz range. And that means twice the amount of spectral availability spectrum available to you when you choose from AvaLAN’s 5 GHz family of products.

Increased spectral availability spectrum is important not only for applications in which interference could be a problem and additional channels are a plus, but also for larger deployments. We offer antennas and radios in the 5.8 GHz range that have excellent point-to-point line of sight performance that can cover a distance of several miles and provide anywhere from 100 to 800 Mbps data rates.

Our 5.8 GHz wireless radios and antennas are also ready to withstand the elements, because they are housed in rugged, weatherproof aluminum casings. They receive power through their Ethernet cables in order to minimize the amount of wiring needed.

Browse our selection of 5.8 GHz wireless radios and antennas today, and give AvaLAN Wireless a call for more information on these products and which of them fit your needs.

900 MHz

Need to create a long-range wireless connection that isn’t line-of-sight and handles interference? AvaLAN’s 900 MHz radios and antennas are a lower frequency, meaning that they are more able to penetrate obstacles in their way.

We carry a wide variety of 900 MHz wireless equipment based on the RJ45 Ethernet interface, with both indoor and outdoor components such as wireless Ethernet radios and wireless Ethernet bridges to allow for a greater number of physical configurations. With these versatile 900 MHz antennas and radios, you can create a far-reaching wireless network that can easily include such devices as digital signage, IP access control readers, VoIP phones, point-of-sale systems and more.

Our 900 MHz antennas and radios have greater ability to penetrate obstacles, making them ideal for creating strong and reliable non-line-of-sight wireless connections — especially in areas where there is too much interference or too large of a range for 802.11 systems to perform well.

Call AvaLAN today for details on how our 900 MHz wireless equipment or other products can meet your wireless Ethernet needs!


AvaLAN carries not only the most reliable wireless Ethernet radios, but also the antennas and accessories to help them do their job even better. If you need a wireless Ethernet accessory, check our selection first!

We carry Ethernet switches as well as just about any kind of wireless Ethernet antenna you could need — such as omnidirectional antennas and directional antennas with various different configurations to fit your needs, including armored antennas. You’ll also find many different power source options here, as well as mounting brackets, extension cables, power over Ethernet (POE) injectors and more.

AvaLAN has many different wireless antennas and accessories for sale at very reasonable prices, and these parts are adaptable to many different situations. If you’re not sure about exactly which antenna or other wireless ethernet accessory you need or have a question, call AvaLAN Wireless for more details.


Do you need remote data connectivity for critical infrastructure, remote monitoring, video surveillance and many commercial applications? AvaLAN’s newest cellular gateway is designed to provide reliable data connectivity even in low signal and remote locations.


Government applications require an extra level of security, and AvaLAN has a line of wireless Ethernet radio products that meet FIPS 140-2 Level 2 standards.

Since these products are designed for use by government entities, they use FIPS 140-2 encryption that makes encrypted data secure enough to pass over the public Internet. Our high security network appliances work in pairs, sending encrypted data and encryption keys over physically separate data paths.

As with all our Ethernet radio equipment, our government products offer five times the range offered by WiFi, both through walls and also line-of-sight. The housing of all of our outdoor wireless products is made from tough, weatherproof aluminum that meets the IP66 Standard for water and dust protection, so you get durability as well as high performance.

High security wireless Ethernet radios from AvaLAN are ideal for any applications that demand government-level security. But they are also easy to setup and use, because they do not require an FCC license to operate and install. And with our browser interface, you can run diagnostics remotely and easily perform other functions.

Transfer your data with secure confidence when you use AvaLAN’s wireless Ethernet radio for government to create your indoor or outdoor wireless network. Call us for more details!

LOS, Point-to-multipoint, Less than 5 miles, High speed

AW58300HTA (Qty 1) and AW58300HTS (1 per client)

LOS, Point-to-multipoint, Less than 5 miles, Low speed

AW900XTR (1 per client + 1) and AW11-900 (1 per client)

LOS, Point-to-point, 5-30 miles, High speed


LOS, Point-to-point, 5-30 miles, Low speed


LOS, Point-to-point, Less than 5 miles, High speed


LOS, Point-to-point, Less than 5 miles, Low speed


No LOS, Point-to-multipoint, Greater than 1 mile

AW900xTR (1 per client + 1) and AW15-900 (1 per client)

No LOS, Point-to-multipoint, Less than 1 mile

AW900xTR (1 per client + 1) and AW11-900 (1 per client)

No LOS, Point-to-point, Greater than 1 mile

AW900xTR-PAIR and AW15-900 Yagi Antennas (2)

No LOS, Point-to-point, Less than 1 mile


OEM Modules

Integrate AvaLAN radio technology into your own products or systems with these flexible and easy to use modules.

Product Configurator

Our product configurator is here to help you find the right product to meet your needs. Simply answer a few questions and we’ll direct to our best recommendation.


Sometimes you have equipment like our wireless radio equipment that is powerful enough to cover a lot of ground, but that equipment still needs a way to receive an uninterrupted supply of power — even miles away. AvaLAN’s solar power panel kits are the perfect solution and come with a 20-25 year output guarantee!

Our solar panel kits are easy to use: Just mount the power kit to the pole or wall and connect the battery. You can depend on our solar kits to provide 24 hours of continuous power, with up to 7 days’ worth of stored backup power. And with their UV-resistant, weatherproof powder-coated aluminum and steel enclosures that also include extra space for your other electronic components, these kits are designed to withstand all sorts of weather.

AvaLAN solar panel kits regulate the power they collect and dispense with Advanced Charge Controls that prevent over-charging or over-discharging. So you get a reliable and steady supply of power wherever it’s needed, even if no other power source is available. Call AvaLAN Wireless today for more details about our remote solar power kits!