4.9 GHz

4.9 GHz is the portion of the RF spectrum that the FCC licenses to municipalities for public safety applications. As such, 4.9 GHz wireless radios and antennas need to cover a lot of ground — which is why AvaLAN’s 4.9 GHz radios have a line-of-sight point-to-point range of up to 30 miles and a 5-mile range with HTA/HTS point-to-multipoint configuration.

Our 4.9 GHz radios and antennas cover an impressive amount of ground with reliable service, and the 4.9 GHz band is also known for its low background noise. Since this equipment is also fully optimized for video surveillance and public safety applications, is housed in weatherproof casings, and is capable of a high data transfer rate, it’s ideal for a variety of uses.

The AvaLAN 4.9GHz Ethernet radio is fully optimized for video surveillance applications, while the AW49200 model can also be configured to operate in unlicensed 5GHz bands if necessary. Call AvaLAN today to learn more about our 4.9 GHz antennas and radios and how they can be incorporated into your public safety applications.

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