Austin Shirley USST

USST=LOGO“The USST’s experience with AvaLAN has been phenomenal. The company produces top quality products and has excellent support. If you’re looking to put in a data link for your golf course or need a zero-downtime radio fit for a hacked together Mars rover designed in the middle-of-nowhere Canada, AvaLAN should definitely be your first choice..”

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AvaLAN PCI 3.0 Case Study

IoT leader, AvaLAN Wireless, solves wireless network security PCI 3.0 compliance for one of the world’s largest retailers.

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Jake Saulsbery Field Explorer

FE-logo“I had a very good experience using the AvaLAN high speed 5.8 GHz wireless bridge. The equipment connects easily and I liked the POE integration. When I did have questions, it was easy to reach tech support. We could not have had success with The Pea Patch Heronry project without Avalan.”

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Mike Masterman Extreme Endeavors

“By using a high speed network, we can aquire high sample rate sensor data with a greater precisions and timing accuracy and use this information to perform advanced calculations which describe the systems state and conditions that could become costly”

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Darrell Green Vidcom Solutions

“When we were called into Phase II of the project, the foundation was poured, the sidewalks were down, and the parking lot was paved. The idea of tearing all of that up to put a fiber infrastructure in place to deliver video surveillance for this vast, multi-acre property wasn’t economically feasible. Because we have trusted AvaLAN Wireless in the past to deliver reliable and secure wireless video surveillance technology, they were our first choice to help meet the special demands of this project.”

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Marv Skinner Lenel

“I would recommend these devices to anyone that needs to securely connect two separate networks without needing to be a network technician. Thank you AvaLAN, I will be a customer of yours and your wide array of products for years to come.”

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Peter Lemieux Athabasca Glacier Icewalks


“I installed an AW900x in late August this summer and it’s been working even better than you claimed, and than I expected. Someone said the radio waves won’t go through dirt, but they seem to be going over this 100 foot hill that is thick with coniferous trees just fine, thank you very much!”

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Richard Burgess US Coast Guard (ret.)

Homeland Security

“I now have a rock solid one megabit link between two offices almost 2 miles apart (including a mile of dense woods) and it has been running for almost 8 weeks 24 hours a day. I had to reset one of the units after a very bad thunderstorm one afternoon when we took a hit close to the tower, but other than that it has run continuously and flawlessly, and I am absolutely thrilled with it (not too mention the fact that I am saving $7200/year with this link).”

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Don O. United States Air Force

Boy Scouts

Thirty miles overland from the nearest Internet connection, a Boy Scout camp in Wyoming has overcome its communications problems with the installation of an Avalan Wireless AW900 Ethernet bridge. Now using VoIP phone and email, the camp has eliminated the need for expensive and unreliable cell phone service. The high-speed, 900MHz Avalan transceiver penetrates the pine trees in its path, delivering a reliable, full-strength signal. The AW900 has a power-saving setting, perfect for the solar powered system. An environmentally friendly solution to communication needs in a wilderness setting, made possible by Avalan Wireless!”

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David Algeo Robotics Expert

Univ of West Florida

“We’re happy to inform you that your product preformed perfectly without a single hint of a problem. Even with the small antenna on the aircraft the range of the AvaLan AW900mT was far more than we needed. The AW900mT maintained a full strength signal reading for the whole flight.”

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Sergey Lyubimov Exergia Division II – Round Lake, Illinois


“This modem works on a short distances, around 2-3 km in radiotelemetry SCADA system. Modems are working perfectly. ” “(This system) works great in Almaty, Kazakhstan, distance 12 km partly closed by the trees, speed around 925 Kbps under Windows OS.”

Sidney B. Cablevision Canada

Cablevision Canada

“So far I can say that your radios have been brutally tested in extreme weather at (-32 Celsius)and blizzard like conditions). We are shooting 17.6 km through a long hill with a countless number of trees. Your Product is A++”

Bill Miller XTO Energy, Inc. – Kenai, Alaska

XTO Energy, Inc.

” I’ve heard nothing but praises from the guys on Platform “A” All day yesterday and today we’ve had 40 mph sustained and 55 mph gusts in the Inlet, and the system is working fantastic! ”

Manuel D. Alert Security Inc. – Makati City, Philippines

“We recently purchased a pair of AW900 kits. I would have to say, that after years of testing and spending on expensive 2.4Ghz equipment, your product is the best in terms of price and performance. It was installed on a 44+KM link over Laguna Bay (with a pair of your 15dBi Yagi) in the Philippines, linking our main office with our Hot Spring Resort. Performance was flawless (for over 8 months)!”

Paul W. Private Party

I am using your “indoor” units to bridge a personal Ethernet network between two buildings that are only 300 feet apart, but separated by many trees. In winter, I have near-line-of-sight, but in summer, the leaf foliage definitely blocks the 2.4 GHz signal (just like you show on your website). As mentioned, I have tried many other 802.11x units – and none worked. From the moment I turned your units on, they locked rock solid with full signal strength (even though one unit is tucked behind a 5.8 GHz phone and the other unit is on top of a book case tucked behind a picture!). No fuss, no configuration – just connectivity!

Kristoffer H. Private Party Michigan

“What a great system! I have been using my 900mHz unit for over a year now with flawless operation. I purchased a house that didn’t have cable or DSL, and I do a lot of my work from home over a VPN, so I needed high speed internet. Enter the Avalan Wireless 900mHz system, some 15Db antennas and (2) 70′ towers and we’re in business. The system has held up to the harsh michigan winters with no problems. I’m beaming about 7 miles, line-of-site, but through a field of trees.”

Gar C. Skiff Lake Games

“I live 6 miles from the nearest DSL lines. So I have successfully beamed dsl out over one hill to my house at Skiff Lake NB from Canterbury limits. It was so easy to setup and the bridges are the best. I used two 15db antennas. What a perfect product for my needs and the price was unbeatable.”