Video Surveillance

IP Camera Surveillance

Network centric video surveillance is the transmission of video that utilizes open internet protocols (IP) for the purpose of recording video and/or video monitoring. IP cameras or network cameras stream live video via digital packets across an internet protocol network such as a LAN (Local Area Network) or the Internet. The benefit of network cameras is that they reside on IP networks; the video streams can then be accessed and stored remotely. This enables users to view and/or manage the IP cam using a standard web browser or video management software from different locations, giving businesses increased flexibility.


  • Security: Monitoring of high value assets
  • Wild Life Management Preserve: Viewing remote areas for hunting or scientific research.
  • Residential monitoring: Detect unwanted activity or allow/deny access.
  • Video streaming: Allow access to public events via internet access.


  •  Ethernet connectivity in hard to reach locations
  • Connection reliability
  • Adequate throughput for IP video
  • High “quality-of-service” designed for IP video


Avalan Solutions allows you to build, point-to-point and point-to-multipoint wireless Ethernet connections that connect “fringe” IP devices. AvaLAN’s products offer the ideal combination of price, range, data rate, secu­rity, interference avoidance, quality-of-service, and a simple plug and play set up with minimal user programming required. The radios include a built-in web browser interface for remote con­figuration, status monitoring and firmware update. This interface also provides a spectrum analyzer to help diagnose interference issues. view products

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